Paul Munsky: I might want to change our sausage recipe though.Colleen Munsky: Are you insane? Paul Munsky

And when I’m doing my sprints. What’s your excuse? A second interpretation for me would be The Half of It would be finding your other half, not necessarily in terms of romance, but finding your other half in Paul, in friendship and even Mrs. G. The last one is on a larger scale. How she twirls her hair when she’s reading.

Ellie Chu: “Everything beautiful is ruined eventually. Being Bisexual in a Straight-Passing Relationship, Ministry of Bigotry: A Primer on Transphobic Logic & the JK Rowling Scandal, The Irreparable Pain of Being a Gay Boy in a MAGA Family, 5 Ways to Fix LGBTQ Pride with Corporate Money, I Left the Methodist Church Over Gay Rights. Aster Flores: And you know, you watch. Aster Flores: Find something good in Iowa to believe in, heathen. 394 notes. Not in the over-ten-page biz.Paul Munsky: No, I’m not trying to cheat.Ellie Chu: Nobody is. [last lines; as Paul starts running after the train, referring back to the movie they had watched together] Paul Munsky: Hey! I would never, ever actually…Paul Munsky: No, it is!

So don’t think I haven’t been monitoring the situation.Paul Munsky: Cool, cool.

And my dad, he..Paul Munsky: Doesn’t speak very good.Ellie Chu: He’s not bad!Paul Munsky: I don’t speak very good either.Ellie Chu: True.

[after Mrs. Geselschap finds Ellie’s letter to Astra]Mrs. Geselschap: So this is why half my class is failing their essays.Ellie Chu: I’ll be reopen for business soon enough. Ellie Chu: Okay, it was just supposed to be one letter. After that, you’re on your own.Paul Munsky: Yes! No, dating's burgers and-and fries and shakes, and maybe another order of fries. : Stop! Ellie, holding back tears: Gross. That wasn’t so hard.Paul Munsky: But where were you born?Ellie Chu: I don’t need talking practice.Paul Munsky: It just seems like a really short conversation. Shop affordable wall art to hang in dorms, bedrooms, offices, or anywhere blank walls aren't welcome. Ellie Chu

In the beginning of this film, she doesn’t really know how to answer love. Or A-minus if Mrs. G is in a bad mood.

Would you like to try that with me sometime? Yes, I know.

[Ellie groans and rides off]Paul Munsky: Hey! Longing, for the other half of our soul. Never mind about my dead grandma. What about you?Ellie Chu: Okay. Ellie Chu: What about that date wasn’t bad? While, On how the film’s ending is different than other rom coms, On whether she would be down for a sequel of.

How much effort you put into loving someone?Ellie Chu: Well, whatever love is, we just blew it with Aster Flores. Like a real idiot.Ellie Chu: Don’t think that I…Paul Munsky: No, what you said.

These are the very beginnings of her feelings, and I really loved the way that we don’t know if they’re going to be together. I am in love with you. I really played into what I thought would be the rom com aspect of it,” she recalls. Ellie Chu posters have a bright white base for sharp images and vibrant color reproduction. Love is messy, and horrible, and selfish, and bold. What’s your excuse? I-I'll toss you some things. [as Ellie thinks Paul’s discovered her true feelings for Aster]Paul Munsky: No, I’m so dumb. How come you never turn me in? So, yay. Edwin Chu: See? Mrs. Geselschap Just like your dad seems so unhappy here, and you also seem kind of unhappy.Ellie Chu: I got to go. [after seeing Paul’s letter is for Aster Flores]Ellie Chu: I can’t help you.Paul Munsky: I just need a few words. Ellie: You are still my one and only best friend! I’m calling it taco sausage. [to Aster, as they are listenning to Chicago’s “If You Leave Me Now”]Ellie Chu: My mom loved this song. Paul Munsky: Favorite food?Ellie Chu: Braised pork over rice. Quotes Ellie Chu: I'm Ellie Chu. That’s got to count for something. How her eyes look right into yours. Those opportunities aren’t as common as they are now.”. And you don’t even care. What else could I like about her?Ellie Chu: I don’t know. [after Ellie runs into Aster and reveals she’s leaving for Grinnell]Ellie Chu: I’m sorry. I’ll write you a letter about love. PhD, no less. “Am I sure I’m different?

For one thing, I know nothing about love. “Am I sure I’m different?

Ellie Chu Chu.’ But I did experience things like, ‘Ling Ling.’ People were always calling me ‘Ling Ling’ and a lot of things that people would tack on stereotypically.

Good ones. : Is that weird? [after Ellie drops her papers in the school hallway and Aster stops to help her]Aster Flores: These hallways are murder.Ellie Chu: I’m Ellie Chu.Aster Flores: Yes, I know. Then she read the movie’s description: “Shy, introverted Ellie Chu is recruited by jock Paul to help woo…the girl they both secretly love.”.

Those people being my grandma, who’s dead now. And FYI, taco sausage is really effing good.

That doesn’t mean anything!Paul Munsky: Glasses make the caterpillar look smart. : [after Paul finds out about Ellie’s true feelings for Astra]Trig Carson: I’m onto you, Ellie Chu.Ellie Chu: [to herself] This is a nightmare.Trig Carson: I know why you’re always hanging around. You’re his favorite heathen. And trying to speak my native language to me, even though I don’t speak Mandarin and I grew up in an American household. [after finding out that their power will be cut off unless they pay at least $50] Ellie Chu: Fifty dollars, one letter. [she laughs and cries as she watches Paul run] Ellie Chu: Moron. I Know Nothing About Love.

Yours?Paul, Ellie: Taco sausage. [as Paul and Aster are having a disasterous date, Ellie sends Aster a text from Paul]Aster Flores: You messaged me? That’s where the blood is supposed to be.”. Official Sites I started reading that Remains Of The Day book.Ellie Chu: Really?Paul Munsky: Yeah. I didn’t think…Trig Carson: You’re in love with me.Ellie Chu: Yes, Trig. She also accepts the love Paul gives her, which is something she never would have done at the beginning of the film.”, “I just never knew there would be a role centered around an Asian lead.”. She said every song, movie, story, has a best part. All that barely repressed longing.

It’s the trying, and reaching, and failing.

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