Copyright © 2020 Capital Geckos. This Black Tail Anery type 2 color phase is probably one of the most desirable & Rare of the pure Nics. I received a bunch of them from Ben Seigel Reptiles back in 2001. I have proven this by breeding a Type 2 Black tail to a Hypo nic that is het for type 1 Anery.

T+ albino type II anery CA boas? Jurassic Reptile's Sharp Snow (Sharp Albino Anery Boa Constrictor) 2014 Male. Type 2 anery Leopard × Type 2 anery Motley het Leopard (both are possible het for the new T+)

Chromatophores are specialized pigmentation cells found in the dermis and epidermis of snakes. Anery boa constrictor. Do you know if the vpi snows look similar to the nic t+ snows?

This particular trait is not compatible with the Type 1 Anerythristics that I produce with my Hypo Nics. While the Type two trait is more uncommon and was started from wild caught Nicaraguan boas that were almost jet Black with dark eyes. I have proven this by breeding a Type 2 Black tail to a Hypo nic that is het for type 1 Anery. See pics below. The result was no Anerythristics at all. The Type 1 trait is lighter & more common amongst the Hypo Nics. The combination of pigments expressed by melanophores (black pigments), xanthophores (yellow pigments), erythrophores (red pigments), and leucophores (white pigments), gives snakes their coloration.

Anerythrism is an autosomal recessive mutation which results in the absence of the red pigment erythrin. Ghost Nicaraguan boas are a combination of two traits ( Hypomelanistic & Anerythristic ). There are currently two types of Anerythristic traits associated with the Nicaraguan Boas and they are "Anerythristic Type 1 " and Anerythristic Type 2" boas. There are two variations of this mutation that will result in an anerythristic boa. Web Hosting powered by Network Solutions®. Published December 29, 2018 Agh fair enough bit of a downer if this combo is lethal though, saw some babies on a different thread that looked really nice :/. If the album does not show, please refresh the page to try again. So I have produced ghost Nics in a few litters each year. Here are some pics of a type 2 and type 1 anery boas A T+ Albino Nic with a Type II anery . Alors, aujourd'hui avec Guillaume on va vous présenter les quelques dernières mutations chez le Nicaragua, que nous n'avions pas encore put voir, à savoir aujourd'hui les différents type d'anery ! The result was no Anerythristics at all. twomonsters, May 18, 2009 #1. scales to tails Active Member. Amazingly enough this Hypo Trait works the same as the Salmon Hypos in that it is Incomplete Dominant. This video is unavailable. The male is a pure anery type 2 sonoran boa The female is a pure anery type 2 sonoran boa The female gave birth on 13/06/14.

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